This Thursday, on October 15th, in Zagreb's club Roko Academy a concert presenting new album "My 80s" will be held. Giuliano's band will be Split's band Viva, and guest singers are Nina Badrić, Jole and Zuhra.
You are all welcome on address Jarunska 5 on Thursday, starting from 23.30.

New album "My 80s" is finally released. It contains 15 songs from Giuliano's highschool days.
There are two guest singers on the album - Goran Višnjić in "S tvojih usana" and Zlatan Zuhrić Zuhra in "Fa fa fa". 
Arangements are done by Fedor Boić, Nikša Bratoš, Muc Softić and Dragan Brnas. Production is signed by Fedor Boić and Nikša Bratoš.
Cover of the album is done by Igor C.C. Kelčec.

Although it was not planned, Giuliano will perform at this year's Dora, national selection of the Croatian song for Eurovision Song Contest.
At the last minute, after Goran Karan had to give up his appearance due to some other obligations, authors Nenad Ninčević and Miro Buljan invited Giuliano to perform the song "Pismom te ljubi milijun mandolina". Song is arranged by Vedran Ostojić.
So, everybody will have a chence to listen to Giuliano's performance in Opatija, on the March 1st and 2nd, when semifinal evenings are taking place.

New Giuliano's album is going on air! On 2nd Programme of Croatian Radio, in Turki show, the song "S tvojih usama" will be premierely played on Thursday, October 26th, on 13:35. Just to remind you, that is the song that is originally performed by Crvena Jabuka, and Giuliano made remake in a duet with Goran Višnjić.

On Saturday, July 27th in Vir, Giuliano has a big concert.

46th music festival "Split 2006" has ended. For the song "Moj cvite kameni" Giuliano won 2nd prize by expert jury votes. Musical video will soon be released.

Goran Višnjić, popular Dr. Luka Kovač from "ER" series, and Giuliano recorded the duet with the song "S tvojih usana" , originally performed by Crvena jabuka. Song will be part of Giuliano's new album - his most favorite songs from 70s and 80s. This duet is just one of several vocal collaborations on a new album, that will be done by the best Croatian musicians, Fedora Boića for example. The album will be released in the autmn.

Today rehearsals for music festival "Split 2006" are starting. Festival is held form July 6th to 8th, and is devided into two swhows - news songs in the show "Prokurative na drugi način", and dalmatian sound in the show "Splitski akvarel". We will hear 40 songs, from which 24 will be a part of superfinel on Saturday, July 8th..
Giuliano will sing "Moj cvite kameni" by authors Ivice Badurine i Frane Bilića, and arranged by Remi Kazinoti.

October 1st, 2005
Music video number for the song "Sidra od tuge" has been released. Video number has been shot on various locations - on Island of Krk, in Zagreb, and in studio EX Photo in Velika Gorica. Director and scenarist is Neven-Mihael Dianežević - Nesho, and Fach Studio from Zagreb did the production.

July 1st, 2005
The first semifinal show of 45th Split festival was succesful for Guiliano, he won two prizes. Song "Sidra od tuge" won 2nd prize by audience votes, and 2nd prize given by expert jury. Musical video will soon be released.

June 30th, 2005
Tonight 45th Split festival is starting. Festival is devided into three shows, and Giuliano will sing on Friday, June 1st. Giuliano will sing "Sidra od tuge", already a hit song, featuring great male klapa from Split's cultural artistic association Filip Dević.

March 1st, 2005
Croatian competition for Eurovison song "Dora 2005" is held in zagreb from March 3rd until March 5th. Two semifinal shows are on March 3rd and 4th, and in each show there will be 9 contestants. By televoting TV viewers will vote out 14 performers for the finel show. Giuliano will perform on second semifinal show, with a song "Dobro došla si". Music, lyrics and arrangement are the work of Giuliano's old associate and producer Tomislav Mrduljaš.

December 23rd, 2003
Giuliano's album "Best of...", published in 2001, has been sold in more than 7500 copies in Croatia. As acknowledgment for this kind of edition Croatia Records and Croatian Phonographic Association awarded Giuliano with The Silver Record.

December 23rd, 2003
In theatre "Gavella", in Zagreb, on December 23rd, Giuliano held his first concert promoting the new album "Ugasi žeđ". Giuliano performed new songs, as well as his old hits.
This concert was humanitarian; part of the organization of the concert has been done by "Mine action initiative", so all of the profit is dedicated for demining of Velebit.

December, 2003
Another musical video number has been released, for the lead song on the new album "(Daj) Ugasi žeđ". Director Željko Petreš and his team shot na video in Šibenik's area - in hotels in Solaris and Vodice.
Enjoy !!!

September 8th, 2003
In first weekend in September there was another music festival: Zlatne žice Slavonije (Golden string of Slavonia) - Požega 2003. Festival was organized in two evenings. In the first evening Giuliano performed, twice. At the begining of first festival evening "Večernji list" awards for the most performed song from last years festival "Golden strings of Slavonia 2002" were given. The most performed song was a duet "Bježi od mene" (Run away from me), performed by Vesna Pisarović and Giuliano.
The rest of the evening was filled with perfomances from many other croatian singers. Giuliano sang "Ugasi žeđ".

August 4th, 2003
Fourth Giuliano's album "Ugasi žeđ", in Croatia Records edition, is released at the beginning of August. Album includes 13 songs, including "S tvojih je usana riječ", "Padam na koljena", "Moja lipa", "Ćutin se lipo", "Ako sada odeš",... and duet from Split festival 2003 - "Kako ću volit to ludo more", Giuliano's i Zorana's 2nd placed song, according to audience votes. As a bonus on CD there are 3 videos - "S tvojih je usana riječ", "Ćutin se lipo" i "Ako sada odeš". CD and cassette can be bought in all Croatia Records shops, and most music shops.

July 6th, 2003
This year's Split festival, held from July 4th until July 6th, was very successful for Giuliano. According to audience votes, a song "Kako ću volit to ludo more" won the second night. In finals, with all the best performers from both nights, Giuliano's and Zorana's duet won a 2nd prize.

July 15th , 2003
On tuesday, July 15th, there was a foto session in photographer Hrvoje Serdar's studio. Some of the photos can be found in our photo gallery, and the best one's will find their place on the cover of the new album. A young designer from Zagreb, Katarina Loncar, is responsible for the cover design.